Start An Arbitration Claim

Our arbitration process outlines the next steps in order to ensure our team receives your claim and can seek resolution for you!

  1. Start a claim through your Manheim account by going to your purchases and selecting the vehicle you want to arbitrate 
  2. After you file your claim, a Manheim representative will contact you to understand your needs and help resolve your claim.
  3. Use the directory below to be taken to Manheim's Arbitration policy page directly or contact their team for further communication.

Phone: 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346)

Website: Arbitration Policy:

-You are responsible for submitting the claim to Manheim

-CarvanaACCESS directing you to submit a claim shall not be construed as a guarantee of assistance

-All claims are subject to review

CarvanaACCESS relies on the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) arbitration policy as the basis for investigating all claims that arise when there are questions about how a vehicle was represented during our sale. Additional details are outlined in our Marketplace Policies documentation found HERE.

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