CarvanaACCESS guidelines for purchases from dealers


Below are the steps required of any dealer wishing to sell a vehicle in their inventory to Carvana.

  1. Visit and create an account
  2. Navigate to the Sell/Trade tab at the top of the Carvana homepage and follow the instructions to generate the offer for your vehicle.
  3. Once the offer amount is generated select 'Save' and proceed to step 4.
    • NOTE: All condition questions must be answered accurately. Failure to provide accurate condition information will result in removal from the program.
  4. To act on the offer you received on the Carvana website visit the CarvanaACCESS submission form found HERE. 
        • Complete each of the required fields
        • In the description field please enter any additional information or condition disclosures about the vehicle. Examples include:  structural issues, prior paint, previous repairs, etc.
        • Please also use the form to upload 10-12 interior/exterior images of the vehicle.
  5. Once the submission and details are received a CarvanaACCESS Dealer Success Advocate will contact you with the next steps and help you complete the sale.

Please note:

      • Titling an inventory vehicle in the name of a private party is not required and dealers are asked to not convert titles to their name or the name of others. Doing so subjects dealers to exclusion from the program.
      • First time sellers will be provided a Vendor Packet that will be required to be completed and returned prior to any purchase being completed.
      • All offer amounts and vehicle details are subject to review and subject to adjustment or rejection 
      • Transportation costs from the vehicle's location to the nearest Carvana location will be deducted from the offer. Alternatively, the seller can choose to deliver the vehicle to the nearest Carvana location.
      • A Bill of Sale will be provided for each purchase and is to be executed via Docusign prior to finalizing the purchase.
      • Payment will be made by Carvana to the selling dealer via Check or ACH as elected by the dealer.
      • A reasigned title is to be forwarded using the FedEX account provided to dealer by Carvana.
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