Blue Mound, TX


Location Leads: Rasheen West, Lucas Raney, Jay Barba

Address: 1123 Cantrell Sansom Rd, BLDG G. Blue Mound, TX 76131 

Phone: 833.289.3533


Pick up Hours: Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm

                           Saturday 8am - 4 pm

Facilities: No, truck stop 1/2 mile away please stop there first

Notes: There is construction going on at this facility that is effecting traffic and parking. 


See images below. Carriers must park in "wholesale pick-up parking". Personnel will meet transporter there. IF no one is there please proceed to Wholesale Release Building (red star on image below). Carvana personnel will collect release documents and radio for the vehicle to be retrieved from parking area and delivered to carrier.







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